Packing List

Here we have compiled a small check list of what you should consider and what you should take with you and what you should rather leave at home.

In general

  • Do not go alone, but with friends, preferably in a solid reference group.
  • Inform yourself beforehand about the content and especially the character of the demonstration in order to be able to assess what can happen.
  • Be well rested and physically fit, moderate your partying the night before and have a good breakfast.
  • Choose your clothes according to practical, not fashion considerations.
  • Long clothes will protect your skin from tear gas.
  • Do not apply creams or makeup, as the CN/CS from tear gas will accumulate in the oils.
  • Consider wearing (preferably shatterproof) glasses instead of your contact lenses. When tear gas is used, contact lenses are quite impractical and usually cannot be used after contact with it.
  • Do not wear jewelry, especially large earrings and long necklaces, you can hurt others and especially yourself.

What you should take with you

  • Identity card, if necessary passport and residence permit
  • Pen and paper to write down memory protocols or the names of arrested persons.
  • Enough water to drink and rinse your eyes (in case of tear gas or pepper spray use).
  • Medication you need on a regular basis, at least in the amount needed for the next 24 hours (in case you are taken into custody).
  • Phone card and change to make the calls you are entitled to in the event of an arrest.
  • Granola bars or other snacks to meet short-term energy needs (a good breakfast in the morning can’t hurt).
  • Sanitary napkins, if needed

What NOT to bring

  • Any items that reveal personal things about you or other people (e.g., address books, calendars, etc.).
  • Alcohol and other drugs.
  • Any weapons or “dangerous items” such as knives, pepper spray, etc.