Become an action trainer: train the trainer workshops

We regularly offer so-called “train-the-trainers” workshops (or TTTs) . In these workshops, interested political activists can learn about and practice our training methods and contents,  in order to be able to facilitate action trainings themselves afterwards.

In principle, the TTTs are open to everyone. However, a single workshop does not make a trainer!

While we think that basically everyone is able to train other people for actions, it is useful when participants already come with certain skills or experiences to train-the-trainers workshops. Action trainers who have  action experience themselves bring credibility and authenticity to workshops and are typically more flexible in responding to participants’ questions and needs in future training sessions. Experience with facilitation can be helpful to avoid conflicts. Thus, for the TTTs it is also helpful if participants, who wish to become action trainers, to have participated in political actions before and have some background in facilitation, or working with groups. Furthermore, it is useful if participants of the TTTs have participated in one or more action training sessions before.

Our train-the-trainers workshops take place when there is demand. They usually take place over an extended weekend. We are, in principle, open to implementing TTTs in English, including in other countries. If you are interested, please contact us with a short mail in which you also write which group you are from or if you have concrete requests or reasons for wishing to participant in a TtT:

If enough people have expressed an interest, we will try to organise a TTT and inform people interested about the time and date.