We are sitting in a blockade in front of a nuclear weapons stockpile (a coal-fired power plant, a Nazi demonstration,…), police officers start to carry the first of us away. The police tries to stop us during an action against genetically modified organisms on a cornfield. Near the European Central Bank, which we want to block, we are confronted with a seemingly insurmountable police chain…

For successful actions – not only but especially for actions of civil disobedience – we need good preparation.  Learning from past experiences can be helpful and action techniques can also be learned! Action training workshops are a space where both can happen. In such workshops, participants can exchange experiences from past actions and practice blockade and other action techniques as well as quick collective decision-making in stressful situations.

As activists and facilitators, we offer action training to groups with different levels of experience. We facilitate an exchange of experiences and give tips on different action techniques. Our training sessions benefit hugely  from everyone’s willingness to share action experiences with each other.

Through our training sessions we aim for empowering participants to feel safe and confident during actions, to be able to protect themselves and to pursue the agreed action goals with determination. Depending on the needs and the experience of the group as well the action to be prepared, our training workshops can have different contents.

If you want to organise an action training session e.g. in Germany or Austria and still need a trainer, please inform yourself here and write to us at:
skillsforaction (at) immerda (dot) ch

Our PGP key is available in the sidebar.

Please note:
We are a self-organsised, grass-root network. We recieve  a lot of requests that we cannot always cover. Also, we usually cannot take over training sessions at short notice. Therefore, please contact us at least ONE MONTH BEFORE YOUR REQUESTED DATE – and forgive us if we do not answer quickly and you have to write us more than once.