Other workshops and additional modules

In addition to general action trainings sessions, we also offer more specific training, either as a self-standing workshop or as part of larger training sessions:

“Organise the mob”: For experienced affinity groups, we can offer training for those who want to take over specific responsibility and functions during actions.

Facilitation:  Participants can practice action-related facilitation (e.g. of delegate meetings) with us.

1×1 for demonstrations: This workshop is about how to prepare well for a demonstration. We will talk about what an affinity group is, how group decisions can be made quickly, and what you should take with you to a demonstration.

Action planning: Here we focus on twhat the goal of an action should be, how to realize it, what are the possibilities and what should be considered.

Yes means yes! The goal is to approach the field of consensual sexuality practically and based on a participatory training approach – i.e. doing and subsequent reflection, instead of being given a lecture.